Charis-Anne Jette Photography: Blog en-us (C) Charis-Anne Jette Photography [email protected] (Charis-Anne Jette Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Captain Jack Sparrow - Halloween 2017 When James asks the night before Halloween if he can be Captain Jack Sparrow & by some miracle I manage to put this together in less than 24 hours, I Blog about it! We had about 10 mins to grab a few quick shots before we lost the sun... I hope you enjoy our creation!

The result of over an hour of mom painting on a Jack face!
That was a LOT of Contouring and BLENDING! 

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Jackson is on his way! Brianna's Baby shower.
 Jackson is on his way, Mommy was showered in gifts today!

This little man is all ready to set sail on the high seas!

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Mystery Caterpillar Anyone know what kind of caterpillar this is?
We found this little guy in New Hampshire while on vacation a few weeks ago!

Spotted on an apple tree in North Conway, New Hampshire. 

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Everything is out of focus  
Everything is out of Focus

While Struggling to find reason; I remind myself that things don’t always happen for a reason.
Sometimes bad things just happen. 
Good people make bad choices, bad choices cause broken hearts.

These are the eyes of a girl, a mother, a friend.
These eyes have seen so much.
Unimaginable things lay behind them.


Things happen.
Things change.
Things get hard.
People die.


I Hide.

I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around what’s going on in my world.
I’m in a living nightmare. I wonder if it’s really just a nightmare most days; but, it’s not.
I’ve left bruises trying to pinch myself out of this.

I don’t wake up this is my new reality.


Life has forever Changed.
I can feel it in my bones, my soul, my existence. 
There’s something missing.

My hopes are forced to Change.
My dreams will never come true.
There’s nothing I can do to give them a second chance.

I don't do this well.

I feel myself breaking up at times, like I'm getting a weak signal.
The world falls back and I'm consumed in thoughts.


Everything is out of focus.

These strange parts of me show themselves.
Who are you?
You don't look like me.

There's so much to be sad about,
I could 
My gut tells me; get mad.

My pain is always easier to manage as anger.
Pain turns to anger, anger turns to... 
well, I'm still working on that one.

I’m confused, hurt, SAD, overwhelmed…..

Most often my walls break and the dam spills; the tears just don't stop.
I can't stop remembering.
I can't stop the feels.
They just take me and they don't give up.
They don't give in.
They make me face this head on.
There's no hiding from this.
I can't just....
Not look at it.

It's REAL. 
and it's here to stay.

I’ll never understand.
Even though I think I'll always try.

I don't think my mind bends that far...


I’ll soldier on through each day no matter what tries break me.
I remember the good things, I still give them Life.
I am the key, and I'll never lock that door.

seriously WTF!

Stone Hard, this life has molded me into what I need to be, but I won’t fall far: I can only be still for so long.

New Dreams are coming, a new life needs to be learned.
I see the light, and I'll look for it each day, no matter how dark the storm becomes.
I'll finish things we started just to see them completed.
.....and I'll always wish upon a star.

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Labor Day Print SALE!

I don't do this often, but in the spirit of giving back I'm have a sale on all print orders! From now until Monday September 1st at midnight save 15% off all prints by using the code - "LD15" at checkout!

This is the perfect chance to get those prints up on the walls where they belong! 

Enjoy your Holiday weekend,
Charis-Anne <3

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Upcycling Designer Brands!
I have discovered one of the 7 wonders of the Frugal Shoppers World; it's called Threadflip!
It's like e-bay but no bidding just buying AND just for designer goods! You know that last season "had-to-have" item that you don't need or want any more, so you list them for sale and others can buy your gently used designer goods at second hand prices..... AhhhhMazing! <3 
I'm sold! I've already "hearted" so many items when I should be in bed sleeping! 
I'm going to be tired at the zoo in the morning... oops LOL 

I hope you Love "Threadflip" as much as I do! 


Use the link below to sign up and earn $5 towards your first purchase and I get money too!

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I will be slowly moving away from online proofing sessions to in-home proofing sessions, as in you will come to my home to look at your photos from your photo shoot. I will not be stopping online ordering, or online proofing sessions for those who are unable to travel to me. I have decided to move in this direction for a couple of reasons. Here is a breakdown of why:

1) Most computer monitors, more than likely, are not color calibrated correctly and if it isn’t, what you see on your computer is going to be very different from what I see on mine. Plain and simple, the colors are going to look funky. I use special software that calibrates my computer correctly. When you are making an investment in custom photography, I want you to have a perfect product. Unfortunately, looking at your photos on a monitor that isn’t color calibrated correctly will not give you an idea of what your wall art truly looks like. I recently saw some of my images on a friends computer and I was shocked by the difference. Everything looked washed out and orange. This is not the first impression I want you to have of your photos!

2) Custom photography is an emotional experience. I am capturing the best of the very people you love most in your life. An investment in portrait photography is an investment in heirloom pieces that will adorn the walls of your home for years to come. I want you to be able to see those images at their very best. I want you to be able to talk about the pieces you feel will fit best in your home. A lot of people think of pictures in 8 x 10 sizes, but there are so many more options. I offer products that range from magnets to iPad cases and even gallery wrapped canvases; all your images on them. It is important that we are able to take time to discuss those choices and which products would be the best fit for you.

You will still get a password protected online gallery to share with family and friends. All prints and products can be purchased through your client gallery on my website as well.

I hope this gives you an idea of why I am choosing to move towards in-person proofing.


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An editing story: the truth behind the time frame An editing story: the truth behind the time frame

I spent so much time in the last month working on my website to get it ready to launch to my customers that the 4 newborn sessions I also had in that time period went on "time-out" until the website was done. :(  
{Having finished images that clients can't view and order if they're not local isn't sensible; since some of my clients travel over an hour to come to my home studio!}

Well now I'm about halfway through the 4 sets I have to catch up on, they're each in separate stages of being done LOL! But yesterday I spent about an hour and a half editing a single image that needed lots of layered work, and as I finished it up and went to save it (i had forgot to keep saving it along the way) my whole editing program crashed on me! So after creating a masterpiece, I had to restart my computer and start all over again on this image. Because I was so in LOVE with it that my clients just had to have it available to them..... there went another hour of my life, thankfully it didn't take me so long to complete it the second time already having done it once! 

Moral of the story, some images take HOURS to create, there is no just "click a button and done" work produced by this photog! There's Love and care that goes into each image, no matter if it takes 5 mins to edit or hours! <3 

P.S. I also re-learned the VERY important lesson of saving as you go, so even if you crash you can pick up just about where you left off! 

Lots of Love,

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